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Ellen Abrams King

Artist and illustrator

LMSW Psychotherapist

Sag sun, Aries moon, Cancer rising

Based in NYC & Brooklyn

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Inspired primarily by the colors of our earth and atmosphere, dance and intuitive movement, spirituality and Jewish heritage, and the ebbs and flows of life's deepest emotions; Ellen works to create art as a means of inspiring abundant healing and vitality. Through the practice of art making, and even in the process of art consumption, we can open a place within ourselves to release our world of its pain to bring forth anew.

Ellen is most interested in creating illustrations and designs to accompany text and print work. Whether it be wedding and other event stationary, or editorial illustrations, Ellen will create vibrant, moving and narrative designs. Contact Ellen if interested.

Ellen also supports herself as a psychotherapist for The Compassion Practice located within Manhattan, NY. If you are interested in: collaborating with Ellen on a project; using her work to accompany literary or editorial publications; or commission a piece for your own personal collection, please contact her at

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