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11.5" x 8.5" original gouache artwork, by Ellen A. King

Original Intuitive Artwork

  • Ellen works to make an original piece of artwork based on her intuitive sense of what both you are seeking from her work, and what the art is looking to bring into this world. Ellen accesses her internal and intuitive creative process to tap into your sense of being and inner magic. She senses the world around her to connect to what she thinks will bring you, individually, the most joy. Visual art carries collective, historic, and spirutal symbols. The piece you receive will be something needed for you in the moment, and may provide significant meaning.


    If you are someone who appreciates the creative process, and enjoys a small sense of surprise, this is a great option for you! You will be guaranteed a beautiful, high quality peiece of original artwork, while also receiving something that holds deep and timely symbolism in your life.


    This piece will be a 11.5" by 8.5" original gouache painting.


    Please allow for a 3-4 week delivery after your order is placed.

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